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PCI Systems Introduces rugged, high speed 48Terrabyte Network Attached Storage Device based on Vita7

PCI Systems Inc. has announced the release of its new RAID48 Rugged Network Attached Storage MicroATR chassis. Designed with a scalable architecture within the PCI Systems VITA73 “MicroATR” line of products, the system supports a wide range of applications, including manned and unmanned aircraft.

Designed for compact size, low weight, and mounting flexibility, the RAID48 combines sustained throughput of 5.2 Terrabyte per second in RAID0 mode and a memory capacity of up to 48Terrabyte.

The RAID48 is 5.7” deep 4” high and 6” wide, and weighs less than 5 lbs. These capabilities, combined with meeting harsh MIL-SPEC Environmental qualifications, make the RAID48 suited for applications where performance cannot be sacrificed, regardless of mounting location.

Interface available on the TS 540 includes a iLink cable connection with PCIe Gen2 x8 lanes which is also available as an optical version.

PCI Systems has been selected by different integrators for this very high speed RAID/NAS system.

“This technology is part of PCI Systems’s focus on providing rugged, intelligent, small form factor computer systems, based on VITA specifications, that meet our customer requirements, while leading the market in very small, high speed storage for industrial and military platforms.” stated Claus J. Gross, President at PCI Systems.

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