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Hier steht die Mission

System Design Approach

System design is better than mix and matching parts. The Desert Gecko chassis and its electrical components were completely designed in-house with a complete system in mind. This gives you a refined chassis solution for 3U VPX and OpenVPX. The basic unit consists of a 6 slot chassis, power supply slot and optional active backplane mezzanine slot.

Chassis to backplane isolation

The backplane and the mezzanine cards are held in place using a special rubber insert which dampens the backplane/mezzanine assembly against vibrations. The MIL connectors MIL-DTL-38999 series 3 are mounted shock isolated.

The chassis cover compresses sealing material against the connector, ensuring a NEMA x4 water seal. This material also dampens forces that act upon the chassis so they do not apply stress to the PCB assembly.

From Lab chassis to deployed production chassis

Your project transition from the prototype lab chassis with DSUB rear I/O to the deployed unit with MIL-STD connectors is made simple and easy for you at PCI-Systems. Our modular backplane system allows us to take your eICD and create a plug and play rear mezzanine at a low cost.

Active/passive modular backplane

Our passive backplane features a mezzanine card where you can define different features or functions, from a cross-point switch up to a dedicated FPGA. It is also possible to hardwire pins from slot to slot, or to the rear I/O. This technology enables STAR, MESH or custom wiring.
This enables designs that cover all* OpenVPX profiles with one passive backplane.

Thermal design

The 6 slot conduction cooled chassis can dissipate 120W in a non-moving air environment. The fin design and wall thickness was analyzed with Flowmetrics software and designed for minimum delta T offset in an average thermal load application. The design was then verified in real life environmental chamber experiments with a sealed chassis using our 3U heat simulator modules. Data available upon request.
Our ATR version of the Desert Gecko conduction cooled chassis with forced air cooling can dissipate 450W.

Green Technology

Surveillance, control, environmental data acquisition need sealed NEMA 4x chassis and we deliver. Our cases meet military expectations: They will not fail in your critical industrial applications.

PCIe Gen3 noStub

PCIe Gen 3 “noStub” routing is used throughout the system to maximize data throughput. Inter slot high speed communication connections are done on the backplane mezzanine. It is possible to use a GbE Ethernet or a serial Rapid I/O switch on this mezzanine, if needed. GPS, temperature and humidity sensor and a 3D shock sensor are integrated on the backplane mezzanine and the values can be read over the I2C bus.


Rear I/O wires in rugged applications is not a rugged solution. They will move up and down in the chassis and eventually break at the solder points. We implement NO.WIRES technology for the entire systems, omitting cables and replacing them with a PCB board. Patent pending

Engineered with passion

PCI Systems Inc. design is based on  engineering instead of politics, ensuring the safety and readiness of our fighting forces and support teams all over the world.  


Sustainable Engineering is what we call i

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