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PCI-Systems Inc. announces a new Vita 62 based Power Supply

PCI-Systems Inc. announces a wide input range (85 - 265V AC input) intelligent 660 W conduction cooled VPX Power Supply

AC wide input 660W power supply

Sunnyvale, CA--- November 11, 2013

PCI-SYSTEMS Inc. , a leading supplier of conduction cooled systems, today announced a new, Vita 62 , 3U wide 85 - 265V AC input range Power Supply, enabling accelerated development of rugged conduction cooled embedded systems.

The Rugged 3U VPX Power Supplies works with 85 - 265V AC input input voltage and isolates the input voltage ground from the output voltage ground. The isolated conduction cooled 3U wide input range Power supply can provide up to 660 watts, 700W peak.

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