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Power Supplies


PCI_800.316 air

  • 1 phase 85-264VAC 50/60Hz/400Hz input

  • 4240VDC Isolation Between Input /Output/Chassis

  • Active Input EMI Filtering

  • Transient look ahead/cut-off technology

  • 5 Voltage output Rails

  • Isolated, independent 3.3V aux standby feature

  • 1.200W Maximum Continuous Power, NO derating

  • 87% Typical Efficiency

  • -55°C to 85°C Operating Temperature

  • VITA 62 6U Form Factor

  • Active, DSP controlled, dual interleaved PFC input stage

  • 1.6” pitch, FourRail™ thermal interfaces to the chassis walls (Patent Pending)

  • SMART internal feature managing functions

  • FiveNines (99.999%) reliability

  • VITA 62.2 High Voltage input pin separation

  • Completely digital controlled rails and functions

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